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As the old saying goes, "Defense is sometimes the best offense," and "Half the battle is knowing your enemy."  These two time tested ideas still apply today even in the Digital World where your life's work, your career, and your personal life all are stored on computers and mobile devices. Not a day goes by that something critical is either performed while on a computer or sent to another computer.  With the growing number of Cyber Scam, Identity Theft, and general mal intent, it is important you shield yourselves from scammers by routinely updating your anti-virus program, and the virus definitions, then finally running the scans.

Updating your Anti-Virus Program is crucial to keeping your software effective against viruses. The same goes with the virus definitions which are basically lists of solutions for known viruses. If you don't keep the virus definitions up to date, then your computer won't be able to detect and find solutions for viruses in your system.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Please Turn Off Your Java Extensions and Add-Ons on your Website Browser until the majority of the leading Anti Virus Companies complete a resolution for this security risk.

There are two links to articles about this potential risk.



Friday, December 7, 2012

Recently we have seen many customers experiencing similar computer virus or malware problems.   Some of the symptoms of their issues include but not limited to:

Computer freezes then a message appears about how to solve this issue by paying etc.
Forged government website or letters explaining that they no longer have access to their PC.
Request for payments or information in order to have full use of their computers again.Essentially, a virus or malware program is executing a small program that informs you of something you haven't done and holds your computer as ransom.  They will often say that you will no longer have access to your files etc or will be reported to some government entity if you don't pay them.

The FBI details the trend they also observe in their recent article which can be found on the link below.


Here are some tips from us that could help you from getting this type of virus or malware.  

Keep your Microsoft Security Essentials updated and scan your computer as often as you can.
Do not click on POP-UP ads and disable pop up ads on your browser.
Be sure of the websites you are going to and that you're not being forwarded to another website.

In the event that you do receive this type of problem.  DO NOT PAY OR PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION TO THEM.

We can remove this type of virus or malware on your computer and your old files will be accessible and infection free.


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