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We put the power in our customers' hands.  We try to achieve complete transparency throughout the entire process of creating their website.  We closely monitor the progression and check to make sure we meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

*Keep in mind that an hourly charge is billed after the original Project scope has been surpassed.

Customer Centered Approach

WEBSITE CUSTOMIZED for every budget

We offer FREE EMAIL SUPPORT with our Small Business Plan Solution. Send us questions about your Internet, Data Recovery, or any questions you may have about your computer and we will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the E-mail.  We typically respond in the same business day.

Whether you are in your office or on site, we can help you with your computer problems.  Let us help you troubleshoot common problems that can be resolved on site in a few minutes or allow us to take control and resolve the issues for you.

We then study your business; learn how you currently service your customers from beginning to end.  We incorporate this process in how you will be servicing your customers from the website, to the end result.  Each website, or IT Solutions is catered to the unique needs that every businesses have.  By applying a custom approach and scalable technologies, we then provide a robust and effective solutions for your needs.

PC Mechanux

We make sense of the Data for you to help you make critical decisions about your marketing strategy.  E-Mail open ratios, surveys and other key Metrics, allows us to understand what your customer needs are and how to fill them.

Why an E-Mail Campaign?

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Metrics: Measure Your Success

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Website Customer Checklist

1.) Logo/Branding

2.) Content for each desired page

3.) Business Information

4.) Provide ALL IMAGES you wish to have on the website in a professional condition.

5.) Color Scheme

6.) Must hand in all materials in one media dvd or usb.

7.) Any additions after initial dvd/usb media is given to us will be billed at an hourly rate of $40.00.

8.) Please pay the 50% non refundable deposit prior to submitting your media dvd/usb.  The remaining 50% is due upon Publishing.

We’re committed to providing small businesses with website solutions that will help them run their business more efficiently and effectively.

Over the years, since June 2012, our customers has help us change the way we approach complex problems.  It starts with first listening to what they need versus what they want.  This allows us to get a better understanding of the over all route we must take.

An inexpensive and efficient way of marketing to your existing customers is with an E-Mail Campaign.  This also allows you to access your existing customers' friends by reminding them to forward your E-Mails to anyone they think could use your service.

Our goal is to allow your customers to easily access your products and services.  We accomplish this through a one-on-one consultation, where we closely listen to your needs and how we can align your customer's needs with your business goals.