PC Mechanux


If your screen is "bleeding colors" or looks like you're seeing a water color painting on your display, this could mean your LCD or LED screen is broken.  It doesn't take much to damage a laptop screen, let alone, a digitizer (touch screen) portion of a laptop.

You should take inconsideration your budget and how you use your laptop.  If you use your laptop like a desktop and you hardly move around with it, coupled with you not wanting to spend too much money, you might be better off using a spare external monitor or getting a cheap one instead of replacing your screen.

However, if the LCD, LED, or Digitizer is inexpensive and you are very mobile with your laptop, then you are a great candidate to have your laptop screen replaced by us.

*Our screens have a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.  You simply bring back the laptop if you experience an issue with the screen and the manufacturer will determine if it is something due to the manufacturing process and if it is, then they will arrange to send a new one.  We will install the new screen for free, up to the same length of time as the warranty from the factory allows.  This means we cover the labor for up to 3yrs from the day the screen was ordered.